About the Product

What is the difference between this treatment and the others out there?

Our treatment contains none of the toxic chemicals that typical straightening methods use in their formula. Instead of killing the hair from the outside in, we restore the hair by filling each strand with a blend of glycolic and amino acids to naturally return each strand to its original cylinder shape.

Is this treatment safe?

The treatment is very safe and healthy for the users as it's formula is made with 99.8% natural ingredients.

Is it formaldehyde free?


What is the achieved look after receiving this treatment?

Straight, healthy, shiny, silky and smooth hair are the results of using this treatment.

Who is the best candidate for this treatment?

STR8 works with all hair types (curly, straight, damaged, short, long, colored, beached, you name it.)

Are there any substitute chemicals in its place?

No. It is completely formaldehyde-free, along with any derivative of the chemical.

How long does this treatment take to do?

The treatment can be completed in 1-2 hours.

How long does the treatment last?

The results will last between 1 1/2 to 3 months after the first treatment. As it is a cumulative treatment, every additional application will prolong the results by at least 2 weeks, given the client is consistent and regularly getting the treatment. Factors that affect the lifespan of the results are the client's natural hair texture and overall lifestyle of hair as well (i.e. how many times it's washed, colored, etc.)

Is this treatment going to make my hair straight?

The result of the treatment is entirely customizable. Depending on the number of times you flat iron the hair, the client's volume and curls can still be kept if that is the desired look.

How often can you receive this treatment?

Since the treatment is designed to nourish the hair with vitamins and amino acids that restore the hair, it is safe to apply once a month.

Will there still be volume in the hair after this treatment?

The amount of volume left in the hair will be completely correlated to how many times you flat iron the hair in Step 4. Talk to your client about their desired look before applying the treatment to know how much volume to leave in the hair.

Can you receive this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Pregnant and breast feeding clients should consult with their doctor before receiving any beauty treatment, including STR8. The full ingredient list appears on the back of the product.

About the Process

How do I prep the hair for treatment?

Shampoo the hair prior to treatment but avoid using conditioner.

Can the client wash their hair at home?

Yes, it is completely fine for the client to come in with freshly washed hair to save time. No conditioner.

Can the treatment be applied on the scalp?

We recommend not to apply directly on the scalp in case the client has sensitive skin.

Is it necessary to use a round brush to dry the hair?

No, using a paddle or round brush will not have an effect on the end result.

What temperature should the iron be for bleached hair?

We recommend the temperature of the iron to range anywhere from 350-375°F for bleached, chemically treated, or damaged hair. For clients with healthy or untreated hair, we recomment to set the iron from 400-420°F.

Can you put the client under the dryer while the treatment is on the hair?

We don't recommend using the dryer while the hair is absorbing the treatment.

Is it safe to leave the treatment more than 40 minutes?

Yes it is completely safe due to the natural essence of the formula. While the recommended time is anywhere between 30-40 minutes, if you are busy attending to another client, leaving the treatment in for a longer amount of time will cause no harm or alter the final look in any way.

Can this treatment be done on color/processed hair?

Yes, we recommend that you apply the hair color after the treatment.

Can you color your hair the same day of this treatment?

Yes. You are free to color and style the hair as you wish after the treatment is done. For best results it is recommend to apply the treatment on washed, clean hair.

Can you apply this treatment on top of relaxers or perms?

Yes. STR8 can be applied to relaxed or permed hair. It is not recommended to be used with products that have lead metal as an active ingredient.

If I rinse the treatment completely from my hair prior to the heat tool, will I still see the results?

For best results, we recommend to rinse only 50% of the treatment before applying the heat tool to the hair. If you do rinse out the treatment completely, the results will may not last as originally indicated.

About the Maintenance

Can you swim in the pool or ocean after receiving this treatment?

Totally, if you know how to swim.

Can you perform this treatment on extensions?

Yes, it can be applied only on 100% human hair extensions.

After my treatment, how long must I wait to wash my hair?

No time at all. You can wash your hair right away.

Is there a special shampoo that should be used?

After the treatment it is recommended to use a low PH (acidic) shampoo.

Can I use hair styling products (hair spray, dry shampoo, gel, etc) after receiving this treatment?


Can the hair by styled or clipped after the treatment?

Yes, after the treatment the hair can be styled as they wish.

Should the hair be trimmed before the treatment?

You can trim before or after.